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Nutritional Products

Our Approach

For over 30 years, Rayonex Biomedical GmbH has followed the philosophy of the cause-oriented therapy approach of Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt, which is used in over 40 countries around the world. Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt builds on the approach that by using frequencies the body's self-regulating power is stimulated. As the frequency spectrum of sunlight is responsible for the production of, e.g. Vitamin D or pigments, in our experience there are many more frequencies with corresponding effects on other areas.

In addition to therapeutic use, Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt is also employed in energetic analysis for the development of nutritional supplements. Although conventional medicine tends to ignore this approach, we evaluate not only the substantial properties but also the energetic characteristics of our products. Rayobase, Rayoflora, Rayovita, Rayopure and Rayosole®plus were developed according to this principle. Please follow this link to explore the full range of nutritional products and their prices on the Rayonex Biomedical UK web site. 

In a cause-oriented therapy approach such as Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt, a nutritional concept is imperative. Certain diseases can lead to a shortage of minerals, trace elements and vitamins or the need of these vital substances may be increased. In this case a targeted use of nutritional supplements is invaluable.

The value of BaPS is shown by the increasing number of therapists and patients using the alkaline mineral powder, Rayobase. For many therapists this is an important element of their treatment concept. Along with minerals, Rayobase contains the trace element zinc which contributes to the harmonisation of the acid-base balance.

The inner equilibrium

From our point of view, the acid-base balance and intestinal flora are two important pillars of health. We primarily deal with these two topics because therapists in their practices are continually facing these difficulties. From the viewpoint of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, a balanced acid-base state and a healthy intestinal flora offer the best possible conditions for a patient`s speedy recovery and are essential in maintaining health after recovery (prevention).

The intestinal flora

Our intestines contain trillions of bacteria – the intestines are also called intestinal Microbiota or the intestinal mircrobiome. Micro-organisms live in symbiosis with humans – a life partnership between humans and bacteria of mutual benefit. Our health depends on intestinal bacteria. They fulfil important tasks in our metabolism and immune system, which is localized to about 80% in the intestinal mucosa.

Environmental pollution, malnutrition, drugs (especially antibiotics), preservatives and also overstimulation including physical and psychological stress can, even in childhood, damage the intestinal flora - thus causing the intestinal flora colonisation to fail. This results in unwanted bacteria dominating the composition of the intestinal flora. Most of them are putrid bacteria, which constantly produce acids and gas.

The acid-base balance

In addition to intestinal flora colonisation fail there are other sources of acid in our body. Our organism is flooded with acids. A large quantity of acids are ingested with food. Pollutants, fuels and pesticides cause the alkaline depletion of soil so that even supposedly alkaline-rich fruit and vegetables do not provide enough alkalinity for our body.

Acids are also involved in many metabolic processes, partly as an intermediate, partly as a final product. For example, uric acid in cell metabolism, lactic acid in the case of excessive muscle activity. Another acid producer not to be underestimated is nervous tension. Stress, strain and the fast pace of life throws the inner milieu out of equilibrium. 

The holistic food supplements RayobaseRayovitaRayoflora®, Rayo®-Pure, and Rayosole®plus were developed for this purpose. Rayobase and Rayovita are holistic food supplements for balance in the acid-base processes. They contain the trace element zinc that contributes to normal acid-base metabolism. Vitamin C in Rayovita helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress.

Rayoflora® is a holistic dietary supplement containing a balanced combination of microbial cultures, thus contributing to a stable intestinal flora. Rayo®-Pure is a holistic dietary supplement with plant extracts, algae, alpha lipoid acid, MSM and glutathione. It also contains Molybdenum, which contributes to a normal metabolism of sulphurous amino acids.

Rayosole®plus is a holistic bath additive supporting the excretion of natural metabolites through the skin.

For more information on our holistic food supplement, please follow this link to our brochure.

Further information on Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt can be found in the standard work “Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt” by Prof Dietmar Heimes. To buy this book please send an email to Rayonex Biomedical UK.

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