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"In the course of regular monthly appointments with Thomas for the period of a year I:

  • rebalanced my emotional, physical and energetic self following an extended period of stressful working conditions
  • sorted out some persistent and worsening issues with my digestive system
  • felt sensitively supported and validated in the process of ending and moving on from an unhealthy and traumatic relationship
  • achieved significant progress in the healing of an ear condition which was one of those which the hospital consultant I saw said "there's nothing more I can do for you"
  • removed a lot of viruses from my system - one of which was involved in my ear problem
  • achieved major progress in postural alignment (old shoulder tension / hip injury and compensating holding on elsewhere in my body)

This is BIG stuff. I see it as part of keeping my life on track and my body strong and healthy. When emotional and personal issues crop up in the session, as they inevitably do sometimes, I find Thomas's input sensitive and pertinent, and very helpful to have a trusted man's input to my relationship issues as a woman.I have committed to some further sessions with Thomas in the future to heal my hayfever - which I have had all my life, and which reduces my pleasure in being in nature during the summer months - and I am sure I will get great benefit from that too." (Judy W., Scotland)

"I had a challenge with a frozen shoulder and had very good results with bio-resonance treatments twice a week." (Kolbjoern B., Scotland)

"I’m sitting at Frankfurt airport now, 12 hours into my 36-hr journey, with the Elo Rayex (a device to counteract the effects of e-smog, recommended by Thomas) close to me…. and for the first time in decades I’m not affected by the field I’m in. I don’t feel the usual dizziness, weakness or headaches. Wunderbar!" (Anna B., South Africa)

"The main reason for having bio-resonance treatments with Thomas was the very poor condition of my teeth. Over the past 3 years I have had chronic inflammation of my teeth which resulted in the extraction of 5 teeth. Thomas' tests indicated that a severe fungal infection was at the root of the problems with my teeth.

So far i have had 8 sessions with Thomas fortnightly and the results are already very impressive. The most important result is that the inflammation in my teeth has completely stopped!

Other benefits i have had as a result of the detox and balancing are:

- the fungal infection on my toes and toenails has disappeared

- my digestion is normal (no more loose, fatty stools)

- my skin looks much better

- warts have disappeared

- I sleep much better

- I have a lot more energy

And all this detox happened without fasting or observing a strict diet! So I am very happy and grateful with my treatments from Thomas." (Marie-José H., The Netherlands)

"I came to see Thomas due to an extreme reaction to fluoroquinolone antibiotics which had occurred 4.5 years ago and from which I had barely made an improvement. If anything, I was gradually getting worse and after 3 years of trying a myriad of alternative therapies I was pointed in the direction of bio-resonance. I decided to commit to this without knowing what it was. 

I can confidently say that it has been fundamentally indispensable to my recovery and I am so grateful to Thomas' help throughout the process and grateful that it was near and accessible - we are lucky to have access to this great treatment here in the north-east of Scotland. I would describe bioresonance as a very subtle but hugely powerful method - although I had no clear detectable illness through 'conventional' medical, bioresonance was able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong and this correlated with how I was feeling.

Lots of fungus was detected and the strain was a very persistent one as I understand, however once the groundwork was done to prepare the immune system and the detox for this began, I really felt a huge shift in my health. This has allowed me to pay attention to the finer details of recovery.

I would urge anyone with conditions for which they say there is no conventional cure to commit to bioresonance. Of course it is a more comprehensive approach than pharmaceuticals and may require lifestyle changes e.g. diet, however I believe it can really transform your health due to its precision and gentleness. Thomas is a very kind and dedicated practitioner and I always enjoyed going for sessions in the lovely Findhorn. (Sarah Z., Scotland)

"Thomas was recommended to me by a friend as I was suffering from severe allergic reactions and conventional medicine was not giving me any relief or answers to my issues.

Thomas, with the use of his bio resonance equipment, was able to identify in great detail the triggers causing my allergy symptoms and subsequently was able to treat them. With changes in food, various everyday products together with Thomas’s treatment my symptoms have reduced considerably to the point I am now have a much better quality of life.

It was a great relief to me to know what things/substances trigger my reactions so I can take measures to avoid them.

Thomas is very knowledgeable and professional, I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me and I know that if I have any issues I can call on his help again. (Debrah W, Scotland)

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