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Rayonex Devices, Products and Services

“The cause-oriented treatment approach is the most sustainable one“ (Paul Schmidt)

Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt has been developed to stimulate the functions of the body with frequency spectra (for the human and the veterinary sector). Back in 1976, Paul Schmidt began his research and established the exogenic Bioresonance (effectual from the outside) that bears his name today, Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt.

From that time on, Rayonex Biomedical GmbH went on to develop the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar, the Bioresonance professional device, as well as the smaller Rayocomp PS 10. The PS 10 is especially useful as a convenient home therapy device for chronically ill, immobile and elderly patients, and in veterinary medicine, due to its mobility.

From its inception Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt has created a multitude of applications – from research to clinical usage. The range of accessories for Bioresonance devices and also the Rayonex Analysis and Harmonisation system (RAH) for the human and veterinary sector are just some of these applications.

Please follow this link to the Rayonex Biomedical UK web site to explore the full extend of the Rayonex product range.

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